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Weigela florida Nana Variegata Plants, Large plants, Spring

Height/Spread: Dwarf stature, 12-18 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide. Exposure: Full sun to light shade. Bloom Time: Mid-late spring. Color: Pink flowers, variegated foliage with creamy margins and pink undertones.

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Branching is somewhat coarse, and branches on mature shrubs tend to arch toward the ground. Weigela Care . The weigela part of this plant's botanical name comes from a German scientist named Christian Ehrenfried Weigel. The florida part is not a reference to the state of Florida—rather, it pertains to the large number of flowers that the plant bears (as in the … Weigela florida is a deciduous Shrub growing to 3 m (9ft) by 3 m (9ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. It is in flower from May to June.

Nyströms Trädgård AB | Axamo Gård | 555 94 Jönköping | 036-730 60. Spilled Wine® - Weigela florida. Beautiful and versatile!

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Weigela florida

Weigela florida 'Pink Princess' - MUSTILA TRÄDGÅRD

Weigela florida

Höjd, 80 cm - 120 cm. Blomfärg: Röd, Rosa, Vit. Växtzon: 3. Blomning: maj - jun. Ljusförhållande: Sol -  Blommande Weigela “Foliis Purpureis” (lat.

Weigela florida

Referens C3 25-30. C3 25-30.
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Weigela florida

As long as I keep them well watered, they sporatically shoot pinkish white bell shaped flowers (very nice looking) all Summer into Fall. Weigela Florida Gold Rush - the yellow-green leaves provide great contrast against the deeper green leaved plants. Weigela Florida Wine and Roses has deep red flowers and dark olive green leaves.

It is a dense, rounded, deciduous shrub.
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Produktgrupper Standardgrupp Koristepensaat Kuusamat Weigela florida 'Pink Princess'. Weigela florida 'Pink Princess'.

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Dvärgrosenprakttry 'Minuet' - Roséns Blommor

Bloom Time: Mid-late spring. Color: Pink flowers, variegated foliage with creamy margins and pink undertones. The diminutive size makes this ideal for small spaces. Plant in containers, along borders or pathways 2 dagar sedan · Weigela Botanical name: Weigela florida 'Variegata' Common name: Weigela Family: Caprifoliaceae Plant Type: Shrub, Deciduous Se hela listan på gardenershq.com Svenskt namn: rosenprakttry. Höjd 0,5-0,8 m; Flerfärgat bladverk med gröna blad och bruna inslag; Krämvita till kraftigt rosafärgade ränder; Rosa blommor i juni Weigela florida My Monet® is a dwarf, compact, deciduous shrub of rounded habit, noted for its handsome variegated foliage and pink flowers. Emerging in spring, narrowly ovate, sage green leaves line the gracefully arching branches.